5,510 feet of 10" Pipe Replacement
Location: Tracy, MO

Project Details:  New 10" pipeline construction on an existing pipeline segment which included all ROW clearing, ditching, stringing, welding, laying, hydrotesting, backfilling, tie-ins, and site restoration.  Project included a 753 foot HDD under an interstate and an 80 foot bore under a highway both of which were drilled by Chase Contractors.


Restoration of Pipe Exposure in a Creek Crossing
Location: Tremont, IL

Project Details:  Restoration of a 22" exposed pipe in a creek crossing with moderate water flow.  The scope of work required site clearing, grading, placement of rip rap and flowable fill, construction of a cross vane and boulder riffle, construction of a concrete barrier around the pipeline, pipeline re-coating work, and installation of a bollard.  The creek had a steady stream of water flow throughout the project so the construction area had to be dammed off and water pumps were installed to move water around the work site.  The water pumps had to run 24 hours a day during construction so a night crew was deployed to ensure that the equipment stayed online througout the evening hours.

Site Condition before construction


Site Condition after construction


Integrity Digs on 22" Pipe
Location: Various sites in IL, MO, KS, & OK

Project Details:  Performed around 67 integrity digs on two separate 22" crude oil pipelines in 2014.  Scope of work included site excavation, asbestos and coating removal, sandblasting pipe, welded sleeve installation, re-coating pipe, and site restoration.


Cushing Terminal Receipt Line Replacement
Location: Cushing, OK

Project Details:  Installation of around 2,500 feet of 16" pipe inside a crude oil terminal.  Project included mechanical excavation, hydrovac excavation, pipe welding, hydrotesting, drain-up, tie-ins, backfilling, and site restoration.  The job scope also included open cut of a road crossing and re-location of 3 light poles.

Enbridge Cushing Amoco Receipt Line
Enbridge Cushing Amoco Receipt Line 2